Who We Are


Sparcks is a leading global supplier of web-based learning, knowledge and communication solutions for organizations.

At Sparcks we always begin by understanding your business goals and, although each engagement is client specific, many of our clients have similar challenges, such as:


  • Products and Product Categories that are difficult to describe, communicate, sell, service and support.
  • Products that change frequently producing a “March of Knowledge” that never stops and creates in a compounding effect on the need for quality product training.
  • Customers and resellers for their products that are non-English speaking, necessitating the delivery of information in multiple languages.
  • A geographically distributed sales force and customer base that is difficult and costly to reach through traditional modes, very ineffective.
  • A distribution channel such as a Supplier > Manufacturer > Wholesaler > Distributor > Reseller > Manufacturers Rep (or Retailer) > Customer requiring consistent product knowledge throughout the entire dealer network.


All of these challenges adversely impact your ability to drive revenues and reduce costs. By conducting a thorough needs assessment, capturing and prioritizing your needs and wants, Sparcks will design a unique solution that enables you to achieve your specific business goals.


We will use the experience we have accumulated through thousands of engagements to work with your organization to deliver cost-effective, consistent transfer of knowledge regardless of geographical and language barriers